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CSI Technologies has developed a software module known as Videntium TAB (Testing, Adjusting and Balancing), which is utilized in this case study for testing, adjusting, and balancing HVAC systems. Then, we will discuss the project in which Videntium TAB was implemented and the project's Videntium TAB- related benefits.


  • Compliance with local regulations and industry standards related to HVAC systems in Abu Dhabi.
  • Ensuring that the HVAC systems meet the required quality standards.
  • Managing resources such as materials, equipment, and labor.
  • Identifying and mitigating potential risks.
  • Ensuring effective communication and coordination between multiple contractors involved in the project.

Videntium TAB

Videntium TAB is a software module created by CSI Technologies that simplifies the testing, altering, and balancing process. The software provides real-time monitoring and reporting of the testing process, enabling the prompt identification and resolution of problems. Additionally, Videntium TAB enables the optimization of system performance, resulting in enhanced energy efficiency and decreased operating expenses.

Project Details

The location of the Videntium TAB implementation initiative is Marina Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Rixos Hotels was the project's client, and Khatib and Alami served as its consultant and project manager. The MEP subcontractor for the Arabtec Construction project was Drake and Scull Abu Dhabi. The scope of this endeavor included testing, adjusting, and calibrating HVAC systems, as well as commissioning management.


Benefits One

Videntium TAB enabled the project team to streamline the testing, adjusting, and balancing process of HVAC systems. This resulted in reduced time and effort required to complete the work. Specifically, the use of Videntium TAB reduced the time required for testing, adjusting, and balancing by 25%.

Benefits Two

Videntium TAB improved the quality of work by ensuring that all HVAC systems were thoroughly tested and balanced. This resulted in improved energy efficiency and reduced operating costs for the client. Specifically, the use of Videntium TAB resulted in a 15% reduction in energy consumption for the HVAC systems.

Benefits Three

Videntium TAB provided real-time monitoring and reporting of the testing, adjusting, and balancing process. This allowed the project team to identify and resolve issues quickly, resulting in reduced downtime for the HVAC systems. Specifically, the use of Videntium TAB resulted in a 30% reduction in downtime for the HVAC systems.


  • 20% reduction in project duration.
  • 30% of efficiency in the professionals' daily time.
  • At least 1 hour save of workers daily time per person. For 30 workers at least 1 day is saved by day during the construction processes.
  • 10% increase in employee branding activities in construction projects thanks to efficiency.
  • Reductions of misleadings in processes.
  • Decrease of time spent on meetings and coordination.

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