CSI Technologies aims to provide smart services both on the user side and on the service provider side with its professional business software. We provide innovative solutions in many sectors from mega-structures to educational institutions. We lead dreams with our IT solutions, consulting services and high-tech software.

We are CSI Technologies solutions provider with coverage of all over the World, CSI Technologies started in 2019, the main purpose is to seperate the operations and have more focus on Technology services which we perform, as we always say;

We Lead Dreams.

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Connecting You to the Future

CSI Technologies offers network design and installation services
tailored to your business goals. Our team of experts
understands the importance of a well designed and
implemented network for the success of your business. We
offer a comprehensive portfolio of network design and
installation services to give your business a competitive edge.
Our customers are always satisfied with our engineering.


Your System, in Safe Hands

We offer fast and secure IT audit and system health services,
- List of key risk areas
- General security review
- Review of your disaster recovery and business continuity plan
- Hardware and inventory review
- Review of system performance
- Security updates and patch audit.
Let us help you ensure the health and security of your system.

Software Solutions

Expertise and Innovation, at Your Service

If you're looking for a reliable and reputable company to build your
operational software or upgrade your existing systems, look no further.
CSI Technologies has a proven track record of creating successful systems
for organizations of all sizes and industries, including digital
transformation and agile teams. Whether you need cloud systems,
communication systems, or custom solutions, we have the expertise to
make your vision a reality. Join our long list of satisfied customers and let
us help you achieve your goals.


Safeguarding Your Business

CSI Technologies specializes in identifying and mitigating cyber security
threats. We offer thorough assessments of your current security approach
to uncover potential vulnerabilities that may not be known yet. Our
expertise in this field allows us to help you protect your systems and data
In addition to our assessment services, we also provide a variety of other
cybersecurity solutions, including threat intelligence, security training, and
incident response planning. We are committed to helping our clients stay
one step ahead of potential cyber threats and keep their systems and data


Whether you need a custom web application, a mobile app, or an enterprise level software suite, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver the solutions you need.

Network Design
& Setup

We b uild a reliable, scalable, and secure network that supports your operations and growth. Let us help you design and implement a network that meets your needs and sets your business up for success.


CSI Technologies offer a range of services to help our clients protect their systems and data from threats and vulnerabilities. Our team of security experts will work with you to assess your current security approach, identify potential vulnerabilities, and implement solutions to safeguard your business.


Our cloud computing services provide you with a secure, cost effective way to store and process your data and applications, giving you the flexibility and agility your business needs to thrive.


Videntium is a comprehensive software solution designed to help companies manage their construction, personnel, and facilities. With Videntium, you can easily track and manage your projects, resources, and costs, ensuring that you stay on schedule and on budget.

What they say

"One of our valued software platform solutions at King Khalid International Airport Terminal Project. Videntium has provided us with customized dashboards, modules for better observation, controlling, scheduling, coordination, organized documentation stored on a dedicated database and accessible from any computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world, this has saved time and resources with far better results within a much speedier timeframe than anticipated."

King Khaled Int. Airport & Expansion / KSA Project Manager

"It is accredited for its activities and we are happy to recommend it as a software platform. Videntium Suit provides us with customized modules for better observation, controlling, scheduling, coordination, organized documentation, saving time and manpower and required results with much faster pace than normal. It is one of the best we've ever dealt with for technical reporting and tracking of the work progress."

Saudi National Bank SNB / KSA Senior Project Manager

"One of the valued solution software platforms utilized at King Abdullah Financial District Project. Videntium Suit is a fully equipped software with modules for better observation, controlling, scheduling, coordination, organized documentation, saving time and manpower and achieving the desired results a much faster pace than usual."

King Abdullah Financial District Project Manager


CSI Values

At CSI Technologies, we are committed to excellence in everything we do, from the technology we develop to the way we interact with our clients and partners. We also value innovation and creativity, and we strive to push the boundaries of what's possible in our field. We are constantly looking for new ideas and approaches that can help us deliver even better solutions to our clients. Furthermore, we are committed to integrity and transparency in all our business dealings. We believe in being honest, fair, and respectful in our interactions with our clients, employees, and stakeholders. These values guide everything we do at CSI Technologies, and we are proud to stand by them as we continue to grow and serve our clients.

CSI Values
CSI Values
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