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Every project in the construction industry requires detailed goals and actions; however, there are main objectives do not vary across projects in the construction processes. King Abdullah Financial District Project shares some of these common goals. These objectives can be listed as the successful completion of their projects within budget and deadline, the minimization of risks, the enhancement of productivity, and compliance with regulations.


  • Inefficiency in the project processes.
  • Unpredictable risks and obstacles.
  • Difficulty in tracking required documents and processes
  • Lack of coordination among teams.


With its modular design, flexibility, and scalability, Videntium Suit offers a complete solution to the challenges that the construction industry faces both now and in the future. Through the various modules offered by this product, our client is able to achieve its objectives, improve productivity, minimize risks, and ensure compliance with regulations. This is ultimately resulting in the successful completion of their projects.


Benefits One

Videntium Construction module provides document control and management tools, including customizable proposals, tracking and notification triggers to ensure seamless communication between all teams. It also provides features such as cost and budget control, procurement management, and resource management to help track expenses and manage project budgets.

Benefits Two

Videntium Asset & FM module supports asset management by tracking asset details, contract setup, maintenance, and inventory management. It also follows work orders and manages critical spares and consumables to ensure resources are allocated and utilized efficiently.

Benefits Three

Videntium TAB module is NEBB compliant and helps create custom data structures, define test coverage and alerts, and create custom reports to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.


  • 20% reduction in project duration.
  • 30% of efficiency in the professionals' daily time.
  • At least 1 hour save of workers daily time per person. For 30 workers at least 1 day is saved by day during the construction processes.
  • 10% increase in employee branding activities in construction projects thanks to efficiency.
  • Reductions of misleadings in processes.
  • Decrease of time spent on meetings and coordination.


Videntium Suit is a fully equipped software with modules for better observation, contorlling, scheduling, coordination, organized documentation, saving time and manpower and achieving the desired results a much fater pace than usual. All the modules have the capacity to be customized as per the client’s needs.

Halil E.

Project Director at KAFD

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Every project in the construction industry requires detailed goals and actions; however, there are main objectives do not vary across projects in the construction processes...

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