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MTB - Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) (Abu Dhabi Airport Extension)

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Facility Management




4 Year


Operating a mega project like MTB, spanning over 700,000 m2, without a CMMS poses significant challenges for facility management. Without a centralized system, scheduling and tracking maintenance activities becomes inefficient, leading to potential delays and disruptions. Manual record-keeping is prone to errors, making accurate reporting and performance assessment difficult. Communication and coordination among team members become more complex, hindering effective task management. Overall, the absence of a CMMS hampers streamlining of facility management processes, optimizing resource utilization, and ensuring smooth project operations.


Videntium Facility Management Modul Implementation Date: September 1, 2021


The implementation of a facility management software in the MTB project, spanning over 700,000 m2, has brought significant benefits. It has reduced physical requirements by eliminating the need for extensive storage and streamlining documentation processes. The software digitizes and centralizes maintenance records, reducing manual paperwork and increasing data accuracy. As a result, the labor force required for tasks like storage, documentation, and recording has decreased. Personnels have had chance to focus on more valuable activities, improving overall efficiency. The software's automation and streamlined processes have revolutionized the project, optimizing resource allocation and

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