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Videntium: What Is The Best For Construction Management & Commissioning

Videntium, an advanced commissioning software, offers a wide range of benefits that differentiate it from its competitors such as OCCMS and Extro. In this article, we will compare Videntium with OCCMS and Extro to emphasize why Videntium is the best choice for construction management and commissioning

Advanced User Access Matrix

One of the major advantages of Videntium is its advanced user access matrix. With Videntium, you have complete control over all user access. The built-in authorization and authentication mechanism allows you to customize which users or groups will have access to which portion of data in each module. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure and only accessible to authorized personnel. On the other hand, OCCMS does not offer this level of user access control, making it vulnerable to unauthorized access. Extro also does not provide such an advanced user access matrix, meaning that its users have limited control over access to sensitive information. 

Work Flows

Another significant advantage of Videntium is the ability to design custom work flows. With Videntium, you can design work flows for almost anything, including adding new content, updating existing ones, downloading/uploading documents, approval processes, and syncing data. This feature allows you to streamline your construction processes, making them more efficient and organized. In comparison, OCCMS only offers basic work flows, which may not be suitable for complex projects. Extro also lacks this level of customization in work flows, making it difficult to manage complex construction processes. 

Online/Offline Mobile App

Videntium offers a mobile app with offline support, which means that employees do not need to access the internet all the time. Employees can download necessary data before leaving the office and work on them all day at the construction site. When they return, they can just sync the changes with Videntium’s mainframe. This feature is especially useful for construction sites where internet connectivity is limited. OCCMS does not have a mobile app, and Extro’s mobile app does not have offline support, making it unsuitable for use in areas with limited internet connectivity. 

Document Controlling

Videntium is developed to be modular, flexible, user friendly.
Videntium is developed to be modular, flexible, user friendly.

Videntium has a document controller in each module, which allows you to control your documents. The document controller allows you to create boundaries, rules, and constraints about who is accessing which files, and create approval work flows for document revisioning. This feature ensures that all documents are updated and approved in a timely and organized manner. OCCMS and Extro do not offer such a comprehensive document controlling system, making it difficult to manage and control documents effectively.

Custom Report Builder

Videntium has a reporting wizard that allows you to create customized format reports for different modules and user groups. This feature allows you to design reports that meet the specific needs of your partners, clients, and employees. OCCMS and Extro do not offer such a comprehensive reporting system, making it difficult to generate customized reports for different stakeholders. 

Highly Customizable Logging Options

Videntium has an advanced logging mechanism, allowing you to track everything that is happening in the system. You can live monitor what is going on, filter logs per module, user, action, and date range. You can even create custom triggers and alerts when something suspicious appears in the system logs. This feature allows you to keep track of all activities in the system and respond to any potential issues quickly. OCCMS and Extro do not offer such advanced logging options, making it difficult to track and monitor system activities. 

In conclusion, Videntium is a highly advanced commissioning software that offers a wide range of benefits over its competitors, such as OCCMS and Extro. Its advanced user access matrix, customizable work flows, offline mobile app, comprehensive document controlling, custom report builder, and advanced logging options make it the best choice for construction management and commissioning. Whether you need to manage complex projects, control access to sensitive information, or monitor system activities, Videntium has the tools to help you get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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Source: https://www.videntium.com

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