CSI Technologies aims to provide smart services both on the user side and on the service provider side with its professional business software. We provide innovative solutions in many sectors from mega-structures to educational institutions. We lead dreams with our IT solutions, consulting services and high-tech software.

We are CSI Technologies solutions provider with coverage of all over the World, CSI Technologies started in 2019, the main purpose is to seperate the operations and have more focus on Technology services which we perform, as we always say;

We Lead Dreams.

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IT Audit & Health Check

Let Us Find Out What You’re Missing!

Our comprehensive IT audit is carried out by senior network experts who provide:

List of key risk areas

General security review

Review of disaster recovery and business continuity plan

Hardware and inventory review

System performance review

Security updates and patch checking

“9 out of 10 computer networks have potentially serious undetected IT issues” 

Our comprehensive IT health check and audit is specifically designed by us to analyze and review your:

IT infrastructure

This includes reviewing your system performance, including infrastructure auditing, identifying areas that may limit performance, security updates, and patch checking.

IT Security

A security review that includes endpoint security, anti-malware, perimeter firewall protection, scanning of external ports, availability of passwords, administrator rights, and information security policies.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Review of your disaster recovery and business continuity plan.