Cloud Managed Server Solutions

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Migration from Your Previous Host 

How can I move to cloud?

Moving cloud sometimes will be complicated process without losing any single data but with our experienced professionals, we are taking the risk of losing any single data to 0% (zero).


Understanding Requirements

The most important step to understand your requirement 100% in order to give your valuable clients the best service. We listen and analyze at the 1st step of our projects. We ask questions and answer your questions to be on the same line before we go for planning phase.

Project Planning

After understanding your requirements fully, we start planning including a fallback plan in case anything goes wrong. The final plan will be tested first before implementing it to reduce any risk possibly make it 0 (zero).


When we have all the requirements and plans, we will start the deployment phase which will initiate the project. We do understand any data you have will be very critical so we will make sure to implement / transfer every single asset you have without losing any data.

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